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This page is for questions about general social dos and donts. Which hallways, teachers, staff, and upperclassmen are good resources?

-What do you recommend doing to make it to your class on time? How do you carry around your books, and what are the punishments if you are late to class? Amanda L (85)

Sometimes the only way to get to place on time is to have a plan. Everyday I have to walk across the entire building and up from the first floor to the fourth. What I do is try to get all of my stuff ready before the bell and then I just walk quickly to the class. I don't really have time to stop at my locker and I only have time to talk to people if they are walking my way. Usually teachers are understanding of being late to class if you talk to them about your situation. Like I said before ususally if you talk to teacher about being late they will understand but, it all depends on the teacher. I've only seen someone get in trouble for being late a couple times and the teacher ususally just talks to them and asks why they were late. Also, you get off with a warning and if you do it again you might have to stay afterschool with them. Me and a lot of other students carry a backpack or bag around to everyclass with books and binders. I think it is easier that way because then you ahve everything right there and don't need to stop at your locker as much. Some teachers even let you keep the book in class. In social studies we leave the books in class and do our homework using..... https://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com/snpapp/login/login.jsp . We got a code and made passwords so we could acsess the book online. It made carrying books around a lot easier.
-(Katherine F Block C)

Amanda- Your schedule will most likely be crazy next year. This year I had a class on the fourth floor on one side of the building, and then a class in the field house on the total opposite side of the building. The first few days are pretty hectic because everyone is trying to get to there new classes. Something that you could do to help you get to your classes faster is to carry a backpack. I thought that it would be dumb to carry a backpack now that we are in high school, but it really does help, and a ton of people use them. By carrying around a backpack you will always have everything you need for class. (You never want to forget anything when you go to class because the teachers get very aggravated.) Also you won’t have to make so many trips to your locker which will save you a lot of time to get to your class. What I did was I put my first period books in my backpack, and then since I had my second period class in the same hallway as my locker, I would put my 1st period books back in my locker and put my 2nd and 3rd period books in my backpack. Then I went to lunch and did pretty much the same thing after it. I think that it really helps to reload your backpack every time you have a class near your locker. It takes a while to get used to the schedule, but after a week or so you will be able get to your classes quickly. Lockers (Nikki B Block C)

If you have classes in way different areas of the school which we most likely will, how should you manage your time of getting to those classes, and should you take things for multiple classes at one time? Shannah C. 87

My schedule this year looked really crazy at first because all of my classes are on opposite floors and opposite wings. Four minutes doesn't seem like a long time to get to class, but once you are sitting in your seat with a good two minutes left, you will realize it isn't that bad. It's definitely very stressful at first, but after the first week or two, you will get used to it.
You will figure out your own system for carrying things around
once you get the hang of your schedule, but basically what I do is keep all my folders and notes for every class in my bag all day and carry my text books, only switching them out every other period.
This is my schedule from this year and some further explanation: http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/schedule

-Jackie T. (C Block)

Is it ok to have multiple after school activities each day? (Ian W 87)

Good question! It can be okay to participate in multiple actvities each day, but it depends. You can only participate in one sport each season, there are three seasons each school year. So the total number of sports you can participate in a year is three. Here is the link to the Athletics home page on edline: __http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/Athletics__ . While it is not possible to do two sports in a season it is possible to do a sport and a club. Usually clubs are right after school for maybe a half an hour every month or so depending on the club. But sometimes clubs do interfere with sports so you have to choose which to go to. Depending on the coach/sport it is sometimes okay to arrive late as long as you have a note from where you were. Here is a link to all the clubs that there are at the high school: __http://www.edline.net/GroupHome.page__. I hope this helps you in deciding what activities you are going to participate in next year, and good luck!(Julia C. Block F)

-Do we have classses all over the school? Could we have a class on the first floor and another on the third? (Melissa A 87)
It is likely that you will have classes all over the school. While it depends on the teachers you have and what classes you are taking, most of the people I know have classes that are pretty far away from eachother. While it may seem hard to get from the first to the third floor on opposite sides of the school in about five minutes, it can be done. You just have to think ahead which way you are going to go, pack up your stuff before the bell rings, and walk briskly to your next class. If you do end up being a little late, most teachers don't mind as long as it isn't a reoccuring thing. Also, think ahead about when you need to go to your locker so that you don't end up having to walk even farther to get what you need, because it can be out of the way. As you can see on my schedule ( https://www.edline.net/DocView.page) On some days I will have a class on the third floor followed by one in the field house (room numbers begin with the number level they are on, classes in the field house start with 5) On those days I just make sure to have everything I need and walk quickly.
-(Ellen L Block F)

Does it help to carry your back pack with you or is it easier to go to your locker like every two or three periods? (Brendan B 86)

You don't need to stop at your locker in between every class like you did in middle school. Most students carry around backpacks filled with the books that they need for their classes. Backpacks are also handy because you can carry spare pencils and other things that you might need during the day.
I usually stop at my locker before homeroom to fill up my bag with books for my morning classes, which is three or four classes worth of books. I stop again before or after lunch to grab books for my afternoon classes, which is two or three classes worth of books. If you have two classes that are in the same side of the building, you could also stop at your locker. There is four or five minutes in between each class, but traffic in the halls moves slowly sometimes. Be sure to have everything that you need because teachers don't usually allow students to go back for books once class starts.
Picture taken by Meaghan C.

-Meaghan C. (C block)


what is a good teacher to talk to if u have a problem? RayC85


re: dos and donts
There are a few people that you could talk to. I'm not sure if you will have the same class next year, but this year all of the freshmen had to take a class called Advisory. Every other day, we go to Advisory to learn about all sorts of things. Here's a link to all of the lessons-


We do all sorts of things, like watching movies, answering questions, having guest speakers, and giving presentations. You get to know your Advisory teacher very well, and I would recommend them as one of the best teachers you could talk to. They will already know all about you from class and you will feel comfortable with them.

Hopefully, you won't have any problems and you won't need to talk to a teacher. If you do, I would talk to your Advisory teacher.

-Jonas W. (F)