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Use this page to ask questions about the difference between homework and project requirements from 8th grade at Parker to 9th grade at RMHS.

-Is there a ton of homework in higher level classes because I'm going to do sports and other activities and I don't know if I'm going to be able to balance everything. (Jessica S. 87)

The homework load can very from night to night. I am in all honors classes this year except for English. I have had nights where there is a lot of homework and nights where there is barely any homework. Studies are a huge help. They help you to be able to get a lot of your homework during school, if you use the time wisely. Sports practices are usually 1 hr. and 30 minutes to 2 hours after school. Just like you, I was curious about how I was going to balance everything when I was first entering high school. Throughout the year I realized that managing your time is really helpful. I knew on certain nights if I had a lot of homework and I had a later practice that night to just get my homework all day before practice so I wasn't worried about completing it. I have also realized that I am one of those people who gets distracted by the computer and the TV while doing homework. I have found it more beneficial and quicker just to go to a quiet place in my house and complete my homework. And then I would have time to go on the computer and watch TV. During the year there are also a lot of projects. In history, I have gotten a lot of group projects. Generally, we get a couple of class periods to work on it as well as time at home. By working hard in class to get most of the project done you'll have less to do at home.

This is a link to a project I did in my Honors History class. For this project he had to choose a "Reniassance Person" and create a weebly website containing information on why this person is considered a "Reniassance Person."


I hope this helps! (Nicole A. F)

-How much homework do we have a night average? Does it depend on what level you're in? (Jackie M 87)

Great question! This depends on what classes you are taking. Honors classes typically give out more homework. I've found that the homework in these classes is a bit more complex and requires a deeper level of thinking than College Prep homework. Multiple nights are usually given for longer, more complex assignments.
Allow an hour to an hour and a half each night for homework. You should be careful to take your time. Depending on how many electives you take, you might also have studies. Studies are free periods where you can do your homework. You probably won't finish all your homework during this time, but you won't have as much to do at home on those nights. It is also important to study and review the notes you take in your classes. Studies are perfect for this. Often, you'll have studies before you have had all your classes for that day. You might finish the work you've been assigned so far and have time left over to review. This is very helpful, since you might not feel like studying after being faced with distractions at home. You can also sign up to go to the library to work with people on group projects.

This is a link to a group project I did for my Honors History class this Fall. We were given multiple nights and class time to complete this assignment. Good luck with your homework!


-Meaghan C. (C block)

I am thinking about doing a couple of honors classes next year but I am not sure if the amount of homework will fit nicely into my schedule of sports and clubs. How is the homework load different between honors and strong college prep in general?(ChrisP 87)

Strong college prep courses claim to have about 1/2 an hour of homework each night (per class), and honors courses claim to have about an hour of homework each night. Actually, there was a lot less homework than that. Most classes have a worksheet or couple of textbook exercizes or a couple dozen textbook problems. The difference between honors and strong college prep isn't usually how many problems or pages, it's how hard the work is, and how much you need to focus on the work in order to understand the material. For me, homework takes about an hour or so a day, and it does fit nicely into a schedule busy with sports and clubs. Most people are able to handle the homework, and it's usually a matter of how you manage your time with the homework. I would suggest taking honors courses in subjects that interest you, and dropping down in classes that you don't enjoy as much. If you end up in a class that isn't a good fit for you, just talk to your guidence couselor.
Here's a link to their page. Because your last name starts with a P, you'll probably have Mrs. Meunier.
Jenny V, Block F

Do we generally have more homework in freshmen year than in eigth grade? (Andy J. 85)

If we took an elective, such as Chorus, that didn't allow us to have studies in our schedules, how much homework would we have per night if you took all honors? (Elaina S. Group 87)
Good question elaina! If you don't have a study in your schedule, you would have to make time for all of your homework after school. I take all honors classes and usually I don't have more than 2-3 hours of homework. A lot of kids are able to do this, and even a sport or afterschool activity, so you'll most likely be able to find time for your homework. Even if you do take an elective with a study, you only get that study for 1/2 of the year, so you would still have all you're homework to do after school. Taking all honors classes will give you more homework that non-honors usually, but you won't get an unbearable amount. Some days you will have to really try hard to make time for your homework and studying, but having a study won't greatly effect the amount of time you spend on homework at home. Usually during study, students will talk to friends or listen to their Ipods. They do help, but not having one wouldn't be a huge loss. If you wanted a study, but still wanted to do something like chorus, you could join RMHS singers which meets after school.
http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/Activities-Clubs-Programs/RMHS_Singers here is a link to the edline RMHS singers page!
-Amy O. (Block F)

How different is one night of eight grade homework different from one night's work of all honors classes of homework? And do we get studies no matter what or depending on what classes we take? (Jared D 87)

How much more homework do you have if you take honors classes? (Joanna F 86)

Do honors classes have a lot more homework than lower classes? (Derek U 86)
Hi Derek U,
Yes, kids who take honors classes will tend to get more homework than the kids who take the lower classes. You will move at a faster pace and most of the time teachers expect to recieve good quality work which means that you might have to spend 30 mintues to an hour on homework each night. You will also be assigned projects from time to time. Utimately it depends on your teacher because every teacher is different and they decide how much homework you recieve every night.

Here I have provided a link to How To Make Homework Less Work (youtube video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT-_G4-fYkw. This video will teach you how to mange time and it will provide tips on how to make homework less work. - Josephine Z

About how many hours of homework do we have a night/ Does it depend on what classes you take?(Leanne E 86)

Will we have enough time to do all of our homeowork and play an after school sport? (Tristan B 86)
You will definately have enough time for both homework and a sport after school. I played footbal in the fall and I was able to get my homework done at resonable hour everynight. I was able to also still hang out with my friend and go to the varsity football games on Fridays. As long as you mange your time well you will have plenty of time for a sport and your homework.One tip is that if you have a project due you should try to get most of it done at least a day before it is due.Also if you have a porject due tthe same day that you have a game or competition you should try to not procastinate and have a plan. I had a study every other day except day 4 for my first semester and that really helped me. It mostly depends on how many honors classes you are taking and who your teahers are. One of my friend was able to handle all honors classes and a sport each season. This year I took three honors classes and two college prep classes and I think that the best tip I can give you is to start your homework right after you get home from practice, be cause when you get done woth practice it is usually 5:00-5:15. If you start your homework too late you won't get enough sleep and you won't perform well in practice or your games. As long as you mangage your time and don't procastinate then you will be able to handle both homework and a sport and still have a social life. If you ever neeed any help mangeing you time then you sholud see you guidence counciler and they can help and talk you. This link gives a few simple and useful tips about how to handle homework after sports. http://www.wikihow.com/Balance-Honors,-Courses-and-Sports
Hope my advice helps! Good luck next year.
Mike G (Block F)

How much time does it generally take to complete all your homework? When we get projects how much time do we usually get to do it? (Megan S 85)

Good question. It depends on what level classes you are taking. I am taking all honors except for 1 class and I have an hour and a half of homework a night. Honors classes have usually the same homework as college prep classes but they add on a few harder problems at the end. This is what my honors math teacher does. We have the regular math questions but then we get another 5-10 harder questions that take more time to answer and require more steps. Most students for 1 semester of the year will have a study period everyday that you can also do homework in. But what I do is do my normal homework at night and in my study period I look over notes or study for a test.
Most projects take a few days in class and some time for homework. The project is then due in a couple of days. I recently had an honors history project about free slaves and we had 2 class periods to work on it and we had a weekend to do the rest. If you worked hard in class on the project then you usually only have 20-40 minutes to do for homework.

Here is a link to a project that I did in my history class during the fall. This took about 3 days in class and about and hour and a half for homework. We started it on Monday and the final project was due on Friday. So we had enough time to finish it.

Matt R (F block)


Do we have a lot of group projects that require meeting our groups out of school?(Kayla R)


re: Homework & Projects
You will have quite a few group projects, but most of them will not require you to meet after school. In some classes there will be more than others. For example, I have had many group projects for history class, but few for math. In history, we almost always use Google docs, which allows multiple people to edit the same document at once. It is a good way to communicate without having to meet after school. Your teacher will show you how to open an account. My biggest suggestion is to be efficient with time and communication so that you do not get stressed out over the project right before it is due. As long as you plan well, group projects are usually fun and do not get over complicated. Here is the link to the site for Google docs so that you can learn more about what it is.


(Meghan F Block C)