2010 Parker-RMHS Connect

Use this page to ask questions about school activities such as Drama, Model UN, Mock Trial, Amnesty International, The Orbit (school newspaper), Debate Club, Ballroom Dancing Club, Chess Club, Math Team, and many more! (See RMHS's Edline page for a complete list)

Should I start the year with joining a club, or should I wait until I'm used to the school before joining clubs? (Hannah L. 85)

I think joining a club in the beginning of the year would be more helpful. It gives you a chance to meet new people and a lot of the clubs plan fun acivities. But if you don't want to join a club right away, that's fine because you can join a club whenever you want. You dont have to join during th first meeting. I would suggest joining during the first half of the year though, because you might miss out on some great things the club has already planned. It's also fun joining a club with a friend that shares the same interests as you because it will give you extra time to hang out when your busy with sports and homework. Here is a link to the lists of clubs you can join. Just click on Activities and Clubs on the links to the side. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS A good club is the Leo club because they plan activites that give back to the community and that looks good on your resume. Hope this helped...have fun in high school!! (Megan D. Block F.)

Should I start the year with joining a club, or should I wait until I'm used to the school before joining clubs? (Hannah L. 85)
You usually will see flyers posted to start joining clubs. If you are not doing sports or other activities on the days that the clubs that interest you meet, you should try to join them at the beginning of the year. You don't have to do a club just because you go to a meeting, and sometimes flyers are posted later during the year, but it is easiest to join clubs from the start.
Here's a link to all of the clubs that RMHS has. Just click Activities and Clubs.
Jenny V., Block F

If I do not join any clubs, or groups would i be more likely to miss out on what the school has to offer? Or does it not matter?
-Liz G. (Group 87)

Hi Liz G.,
You don't have to join a club if you don't want to but it will look amazing on your college application. RMHS provides a variety of different and fun clubs for students to join. There's Ballroom Dancing, Chess Club, Anime Club, International Club and a lot more. During your freshman year you do not have to join a club but if you ever change your mind then it's never too late to join one (as long as they have room). If you ever want to join a club then I suggest joining Drama Club because everyone is nice and friendly. They will welcome you in with open arms and they will treat you like family. Joining clubs is also a great opportunity to meet new people and it might even beifit you in the future.

Here I have provided a link to the RMHS Activities, Clubs, and Programs for Students Homepage. Here you will be able to look at the different types of clubs, activities and programs that RMHS has to offer. http://www.edline.net/GroupHome.page - Josephine Z.

Am I going to be required to do an activitie During the year?(Patrick M)

Thats a good question! Nobody is going to force you to do an afterschool activity, but it will be greatly encouraged. Afterschool activities are a great way to get involved and make friends doing something you like to do. There is such a variety of clubs and sports at RMHS that there is most likely something you would like to do. You could even do both a club and a sport if you really wanted to, but nobody will make you do anything outside of your classes. You will be required to take electives throughout your time here at the high school. You will need 2 semesters of fine arts and 2 semesters of business courses. There are a wide selection of both of these so you will also have plenty to choose from.
Here is a list of many clubs and activities at the high school. http://www.edline.net/GroupHome.page -Amy O. (Block F)

-Could you balance sports, homework and clubs? Was it overwelming or doable? If it was overwelming, do you have any suggestions on how to handle it? (Kaylee R. #85)

YES! You can definitely balance sports, homework, and clubs. I recommend doing a sport and joining a club or two! It may seem like it would be over whelming, but it really isn’t. Sports meet basically everyday after school for a few hours, and yes that does take up some of your time and homework does also. With clubs, they are flexible when it comes to meetings. If you can not attend a meeting for whatever club you are in, then you can either tell the president of the club that you are not going to be able to make it that day and either ask them ahead of time as to what till be talked about at the meeting, or go the next day and find out what you missed. Clubs are very flexible and are another easy way to meet new people when you’re a freshman, along with sports as well. It’s all really about time management when it comes to doing your homework, your school activities, and other outside of school activities. So far this year, I have been a member or Drama Club, Leo Club, am on Student Council, and have been a player in the RMHS Freshman Volleyball team. I have had lots of fun, and I found that being in both a club and a sport helped me adjust to the school and gave me some familiar faces to recognize in the halls. But yes, I would recommend to do a sport and a club if you are interested. Sports, clubs, and homework are all easy to manage, so I wouldn’t worry about being over whelmed. In case you are interested, here is a link to the RMHS Home Page, from there you want to click Activities, Clubs, and Programs for Students. On here will be a list of all the clubs available to join at the school. I looked here when I first thought about joining a club or two at the high school. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS (Kelsey M. Block F)

Will it be too time-consuming to be in a club and a sport or is doing both of them a good amount of after school activities?(Kristin L 85)

Can I take part in more than one club and/or sport in the same season? Do the times conflict? (Elaina S. Group 87)
It all depends on what you want to sign up for. I think most sports are everyday after school. I do drama club and depending on what you are doing for the show you could be there everyday or only need to be there the night of the show. I also, do a club that meets once a month for 20 minutes after school. Everything varies. Here is a link for all the clubs: http://www.edline.net/GroupHome.page (you might need to sign in to edline to see it). Some of them say when they meet, or you could see what teacher runs it and talk about times and conflicts. Also, I know some sports are just one season but most clubs are year round. You could do a sport for one season and a club for another season. For the most part you should talk to the president or teacher that runs the club and find out the times to work out a schedule.
-(Katherine F Block C)

Do you need to be in a club, does it affect any part of your life? (Derek U 86)