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This page is for questions about various sports teams, practice times, weight lifting requirements, chances of making JV or varsity teams, working with coaches, etc.

Is it true that if you make every wieght lifting meet in the Summer for football, you will be a starter on the team in the Fall? Why or why not? (Nate.M 87)
Nate, It isn't guaranteed that you will become a starter just by going to the weight room everyday during the summer. I would advise however, that you should be working out at the High School weight room, or any other gym 4-5 times a week. If you want to become a starter, lift and run during the summer to get in shape, work extremely hard in practice and anytime you can help bring out the blocking pads before practice and help put them away into the shed after practice, do it, because the coaches notice. I enjoyed playing freshmen football this year, and hopefully you will too. I hope you found this response to be helpful and good luck with school and football.
-Brian C (C-Block)

I plan on playing three sports this year. I played football in the fall and swam during the winter. I plan on playing lacrosse in the spring too. I play lacrosse all year outside of school in different leagues while playing high school sports. Usually practices for most sports are about two hours long after school. I took four honors classes on top of a high school sport and a sport outside of school each season and was able to keep up with all my work. Keep in mind that you will have a study for one semester during the year which helps you finish some of your homework during school. Also advisory, gym, decisions, and most electives don't give out homework.

-Is the gymnastics team getting canceled next year because of the budgit of the school? ( Haley K. 87)
The gymnastics team is not getting cancelled next year. I attended the school budget meeting because I was on the Boys' JV hockey team this year. there was a lot of talk about expenses and stuff. But, in the end, JV hockey and gymnastics are going to stay. It's the winter cheering that's actually kicked out. I'm still not really sure why, but gymnastics is fine so don't worry. you might just get one or two less meets. And from what my friend who does gymnastics, it's the pratcices that are the most fun. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/Athletics.
(Eric O Block F)

- If I want to play more than one sport in a season, are the times going to be the same for both? Am I going to have to choose one? (Jessica S. 87)

external image Sports.gifYou can't play two high school sports in one season, but you can play a high school sport and a club sport if you feel you can fit it all into your schedule, but its usually hard to do that, because high school practices take up a pretty big chunk of your day before/after school, and you want to use the rest of the day for homework.- Jon R Block C

-Are they cutting the hockey team for the freshmen next year and if they do not when are the try outs?(Robert C)
This is a very good question Robert. They will not be cutting the JV hockey team next year. Tryouts will be the week after Thanksgiving. Also there will be a sign up meeting that will be announced and on the athletic board which is outside the athletic office. I encourage you to try out for hockey next year, the JV team is very fun. See you at try outs. Here is a link to an article about teh Super Eight Champion team in 2008 http://www.wickedlocal.com/reading/sports/high_school/x257798432 Brian A

-Was it difficult to balance sports with homework? If it was, do you have any suggestions to how it could be better? (Kaylee R. #85)

Kaylee- Personally I don’t think that it is hard to balance sports and homework. When I did soccer in the fall I was worried about the same thing. I was wondering if I was going to be able to manage all my school work while I was trying to focus on soccer too. We usually meet right after school for sports. Sometime you might have an hour or two before practice starts because there are many other sports teams who need to use the fields. If this happens to you, where you have an hour or two before practice, my advice to you would be to get as much homework done as possible. This way you can come home and relax and not worry about homework. Also, if you know that you have practice right after school, and that you might have something else to do after it and you won’t get home until late, I would really try to stay focused in your study. If there is any opportunity during school when you can get something done, you should take it. There really isn’t that much homework in high school, but it is more than you get this year. One of the great things is that every day you drop one of your classes, so you can have two nights to do an assignment. Finally, I think that when you know you have something to do later, like a sports practice or game, it gets you focused and more determined to get your homework done beforehand. I know that when I played soccer I did well in school and on the field. I know that a lot of my friends feel the same way too. I hope my advice helped you, and I know that you will be fine next year. Good luck! (Nikki B block C)
Here is an example of what my high school schedule looked like:

What are the demands for the sports teams? How often do teams practice and how much harder is it to get into varsity than JV?(Chris P 87)
Playing sports at RMHS can be difficult trying to handle practice schedules, school work, and maintaining a social life, but its far from impossible. The demands for the sports team basically consist of being commited to your sport and showing up for every practice and game. For almost every sport, there are practices every day after school and sometimes on weekends. During your sports season, you shouldn't be playing other sports outside of the team you are on. If you are truely commited, this won't be an issue. It is also said that you should work out and do conditioning on your off days. Staying in shape is very important while participating in a sport.

Would it be hard to play soccer and hockey and balance your homework? (Megan M 86)
I played soccer and ran track. I don't know about town sports, but school sports all stay in the same season and you only do one at once. You can definately balance homework and sports, as long as you can focus. Personally, I do better while I'm in a sport season, because It makes me focus when I get home at night. So, as long as you're a pretty good focuser and student, go for it.
Here's a link to RMHS's home page. There is a page for sports and user forms and other things you need to get organized for next year.
Jenny V, Block F

-How often and long are the practices? Does it switch up or is it a set time right after school? Brendan B (86)
Well it depends on the sport and what team you made. If you made a Varsity team, your practice will be 2 hours. If you made a freshman or JV team your practices range from an hour and a half to 2 hours. Practices are everyday after school and sometimes on weekends. It also depends on other sports and teams for when you have practice times. All sports go right after school, but there's a few teams per sport so you need to share time with them. The earliest for a practice is about 3:00 and the latest is about 5:00 or 5:30. The coaches usually give you a schedule to follow for the season. http://www.readingbasketball.com/ -Some teams have websites like this for stats and information. - (Morgan O. Block F)
When doing any sport is it totaly after school or is there some in school stuff? (Thomas P 86)

-IF you wanted to do more than one sport, would there be times when they would be on the same day? (Megan S 85)
Well to start, you can't play more than one sport per season. The reson being is that every sport practices close to every after noon so , obviously, you couldn't be in two places at the saem time. For example i played soccer this year for the freshman boys' team and almost every practice we saw the freshman football team practicing just on the other field. An also, at these practices, we almost always saw the girls' freshman soccer team practicing and not 500 feet away was the girls' freshman field hockey team. As you can see you wouldn't be able to pull it off. As for drama or any other clubs, they actually try to fit athletic schedules. One of the kids from my soccer team actually did drama. He sometimes did have drama after pratice so he didn't get home until a bout 7:00 so that's a little tough. But he had some satudray drama stuff too. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/Athletics
(Eric O Block F)

-Is it difficult to play a sport but have time for homework? (Leanne E. 86)
If you play a sport it does make getting all your homework done a bit harder but it really depends what level sport you are doing and what level classes you are taking. Honors courses do give a lot of homework sometimes so if you want to take them then you will definatley have less time after school for yourself. Also some teachers give more work than others. Practices usually go from right after school to about 5 o'clock or 5:30 but can be later or sometimes before school. It also depends on what level you are doing. Varsity and JV have more practices and games than freshman teams plus tournaments at the end of the season so it will be more challenging to play on those teams and manage homework. Remember that you will also have studies to get some work done. I played freshman soccer and sometimes my coach had us skip practice and go to the library to make sure we kept up in our school work. Your practices will be everyday and you won't always have studies so spend your time wisely. It will be difficult but no impossible. Here is the link to Reading's Athletic page where you can get information and email other questions to Mr. Vaccaro and other people involved in sports. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/Athletics
(Nick A Block F)

This is answering Ryley C's question which is on the discussion page..
I am also doing 3 sports for the high school this year; soccer, gymnastics, and softball. Gymnastics here at the high school is only a winter sport but I also do it in a private gym all year around, on top of my high school sport per season. This is a lot to deal with but if you stay focused it will be alright. On top of these sports I still have time for homework and friends so you will be fine! I also think the amount of sports I just named is the largest number you will have time for.
The amount of practices range from which sport you take part in. Most sports have 5 or 6 practices a week along with a game or competition. These practices may or may not conflict with your other activities but it is a rule that high school practices should always come before outside activities or else there will be a penalty.
- This link gives you tips on good ways to manage your time so you will be sure to get all your work finished and balanced with school and friends.
- http://www.studygs.net/timman.htm
- This picture shows team spirit and this coincides with the fact that in highschool your highschool team should always come first.
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/1384952210/

(amy c block c)

What are the demands for the sports teams? How often do teams practice and how much harder is it to get into varsity than JV?

Quite honestly it really depends on the sport. Some freshman sports are more laid back but others such as football and basketball are really demanding. You are more than likely not going to be playing JV or varsity anything as a freshman, unless that sport only offers JV and varsity (hockey, track, cross country). To play JV or varsity as a freshman you have to be an extremely sklled player.
Dylan S (Block C)
This here is a picture and article on a basketball player at RMHS who played varsity as a freshman.

Can you still play sports in each season if you are taking 2 or more honors classes

Joe, handling honors classes and athletics isn't really that hard. I'm taking four honors classes this year, and I played football and basketball. It's been pretty easy to keep up with everything. You have to remember that you get studies for a semester so that really helps out with getting home work done. Hope you do well next year.
-Dylan S (Block C)