2010 Parker-RMHS Connect This page is for questions about the high school schedule, the differences between first and second semester, lunch scheduling, etc.

- Has anyone ever gotten lost? I'm afraid that I'm going to mess up and get lost in the school. (Hannah L. 85)

Don't worry, you'll be fine. When I had a tour of the high school on Future Freshman Night, I remember I had no idea where I was and felt hopelessly lost and confused. It's really pretty easy to find your way around. Most of your classes will probably be on the second and third floors. Those floors are easy to find your way around; there's only two main hallways on each floor. The numbers of your classes will be rooms like 302, 514, 230, and so on. The hundreds value stands for each floor. 408 is on the fourth floor, 229 is on the second floor, and so on, except for 500. Any class with a number of 500 is in the field house, in the corridor on one side. To see the schedule, go to http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS and click on "About RMHS" under Contents on the right. Then click on #6, Day Schedules, and Bell Schedule. Imagine classes instead of letters. Also, your teachers know you're new to the school. If you have trouble finding your classes and are late, they'll understand. I hope this helped. Good luck next year! (Anna T., Block F)

Do the lunches vary by grade? For example are the lunches mixed in together with seniors and freshmen in the same lunchtime? (Haley K. 87)

-I heard there are different lunches for each grade. So is there some freshmen in a lunch with a few kids from each age? And how many kids are in each lunch at a time? (Jared D. 87)
This is a good question Jared. There are kids from all different grades at each lunch. There are three lunches in the day, so with such a big school sometimes the lunches can be crowded. You shouldn't worry about if you will know anyone at the lunch because most likely you will know some kids. The lunches are all in one block or period in the day and each lunch is 30 minutes long. There is first lunch, when yuo go right to lunch instead of your lunch period class. Also there is second lunch which splits the class in half. Finally there is third lunch, when you have a full 56 minute period before you go to lunch. This can be very confusing, but you will get the hang of it. Lunch block is D every day except day 4 when we drop D block, then it becomes E. On the first rotation of the seven day cycle, your D block or E block teacher will tell you which lunch you have. Here is a link to a picture of the front entrance of the school. http://www.bedfordfootball.com/images/schools/rmhs_lg.jpg Brian A.(block C)
-When do you know which lunch time your going to be in that day? (Melissa A 87)

During the first week of school you will go through the seven day rotation once. You will learn which lunch you have on a certain day by goign to that class during the first week and being told by your teacher. For most kids lunch is the same for 6 of the days because they have the same class during the lunch block. However, somd kids take classes that meet either every other day of change half way through the year. In that case, they might have one lunch time on days they have that class, and a different lunch on the other days. Also, most kids, although not everyone, have a different lunch on Day 4. On day 4 you drop Block D, which is the normal lunch block. That means that you have a different class at that time, so the lunhc might change. To see what I mean you can check out a schedule : http://www.edline.net/files/_3TL50_/7be47f9bf3cd6ae63745a49013852ec4/RMHS_Bell_Schedule_09-10.pdf

Alexa B(Block F)
-Do you have a different time for lunch everyday? Also, is everydays lunch period with different people? Amanda L (85)

- Do we get to choose to take a study period or does the school assign one? (Jessica S. 87)
You never get to choose when you get a study period. The school assigns them to you. It depends on what classes you're taking and when. Most freshman only get a study for half the year and some people get one every other day all year. Some people have a different study everyday and some people have the same study everyday. You will understand your schedule soon enough. You can find your schedule on edline, and your study teachers set up an edline page you can visit. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS -(Morgan O. Block F)
-Is the scheduling going to change any time during the year and by that I mean Are classes going to be switched around?(Patrick M)

-Does your lunch time stay the same each day, like it does now in eighth grade? Or for different days, is it at different times? (kaseyl85)

Is lunch at a certain time in the day, everyday? Or does it change each day? (Andy J. 85)

Andy, usually your lunch will change depending on what class you have D period. For example on days 1,3, and 6 have Advisory D period and I am assigned to first lunch and then I have a full period after lunch.On day four I also have first lunch and then I have three periods after lunch. On days 2,5, and 7 I have a study D period and so I have second lunch. Second lunch splits D period in half so you go to class for 28 minutes, then you go to lunch for 30 minutes and then you go back to class for another 28 minutes. After second lunch you have 2 full periods. Then there is third lunch, if you have third lunch that means that you go to your whole D period class and then you go to lunch after that class and so you only have two periods after lunch.Generally if you have Advisory, Wellness or an Elective D period then you will probaly have first lunch, if you have a study or math D period then you will probaly have second lunch, and if you have English, Science Social Studies or a language then you will have third lunch.I hope this helps you. Here is a link to the Guidence Office's page they can help you with any scheduling porblems or any questions about scheduling or anything esle at RMHS. http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/Guidance
Good Luck next year.
Mike G. ( Block F)

I heard that some people in the same grade are not in the same lunch as each other. So is there a group of kids from each grade at lunch at a time? (Jared D 87)

Yes you will be in lunch with different grades. There are 3 different lunch periods each day. They are called first lunch, second lunch, and third lunch. First lunch is after third period and before fourth. Second lunch splits fourth period into 2 halves. Third lunch (my favorite) is after fourth period. I like 3rd lunch since you then only have 2 more periods in a day and then you go home. I had a study last period so I really only had one regular class before a study and home but that’s my opinion.
Some lunches are crowded and filled with tons of people so there might be more of your friends in that lunch. Other lunches (usually second) don’t have tons of people which is also better since lines go faster. But sometimes your schedules changes like on day four you skip fourth period and instead you have fifth period. So lunches usually change for kids and usually you would sit with a different group of people. After the beginning of the school year it would be a little chaotic but a few days through you should be fine.
Lunch line (without the little children)

Matt R (F block)

-Will we be eating with the older grades? Does the lunch period switch or stay the same? (Brendan B. 86)
external image large_Tuwan-Glass-Grabs-His-Lunch.JPGYes, Freshmen do eat lunch with other grades. You end up with a lot of people you know in your lunches though, because all the lunches take place during D block on every day but day 4 when it is on E block. The teacher of the class you are in for that period will tell you what lunch you have, first lunch, which you would have before that class, second lunch which would split that class in half, and third lunch, which would take place after that class. It seems really confusing at first, but after the first few days of school, it becomes pretty simple. - Jon R, C Block

-How manny electives can you do durring Freshmen year? (Sam P)
Usually, freshman take one elective in their first year of school, usually becasue your schedule is filled with other classes you are required to take. Some choose to take no elective that year and instead work on another foriegn language. However, it is very easy to make up for the lost elective later on in high school. As you progress and you pass the requirements for subjects like science, history, and math, spaces open up in your schedule and you can fill these with aditional electives, and it is not difficult to fulfil the two art and two buisness classes that are required to graduate. At http://www.edline.net/files/_CBICq_/a9ec94fd9a8eb6983745a49013852ec4/CSB_2010-2011_3.1.pdf you can find a complete list of all electives that you can take next year.
Brian T, C Block

-Do freshman eat lunch with other grades? (Leanne E. 86)