2010 Parker-RMHS Connect

Use this page to ask questions about the technology available to students at RMHS. You can include the iPod policy, computer labs, use of technology for school projects, computer classes, access to computers during directed study, etc.

Do you have Ipod labs? Are they frequently used? Do you use computers a lot also? In some classes is technology used more than others? (kaseyl85)

Hi Kasey, While we do not have ipod labs, we are allowed to listen to our ipods in study period and in the library. We use computers for a lot of our projects using the computer labs in the library or the math and science wing. In my personal experience, I have used the computers much more frequently at the high school than I did in middle school. You also are very likely to use a computer for homework after school, as many assignments are on edline instead of being handed out in class like in middle school. You will probably have a few classes that you use technology in more than others, for example if you are taking a foreign language class. We use the language lab to record ourselves speaking for projects as well as for practice. Here is a link to the handbook for technology use regulations. (pg 48) http://www.edline.net/files/_4KH6l_/1051d9f3e9b6b4953745a49013852ec4/student_handbook_final_8.7.09.pdf
(Ellen L Block F)

There isn't an iPod lab, but you can bring your own iPod in to use at the library or during studies.
The computers are pretty much always being used. There are many different computer labs for each department and the "main floor" at the library has a set of computers that are able to be used almost all the time. All of my teachers have taught a class in the labs/library at least once, if not more.
Our technology specialists and teachers are always presenting new ways of incorporating more technology into our school for learning purposes whether it be making a wiki, using Voicethread, or connecting with classmates on Google Docs.
Of course there are specific classes such as graphics, computer apps, keyboarding, etc. that are strictly involved with technology, but even in Geometry I have used the computer labs for projects.
This is the link to our Library Media Center page. You will visit this page a lot in your high school years as it provides many resources for research and how to contact some of the tech experts:http://www.edline.net/pages/Reading_HS/LibraryMediaCenter

-Jackie T. (C Block)

How often do we use the computer lab? Do we use things like Google Docs and wikis like we did in middle school? (Kristin L 85)

Hey Kristin,
We use the computer labs a lot at the high school. We have two computer labs in the library and a set of computers for use in the main part of the library. If you sign up to go to the library for one of your studies, you can use the main section computers if they are not taken by a class. There is also another computer lab located on the third floor of the math and sciene wing. In addition to those labs, there is a language lab located on the foreign language wing. Each computer in the language lab has headphones with a microphone attched to them. We use these to record and playback our voices to practice speaking the language. It really depends on your teacher and class for how often you go to the computer lab. For example, I go almost every week for history to do projects, but I have only gone only 2 times all year for biology. To answer your second question, we do use Google Docs, but this is actually the first time I have used a wiki in high school, so we don't use them as much. Google Docs is very helpful for projects because you can share the document with all of your group members and therefore everyone can edit it at any time. Here is an example of a research project on Peter the Great that I made using Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0AaUY2VSPHX9tZGRyczc2cDdfMThkdmZxMjdjaw&hl=en. I was introduced to Google Docs this year and I now use it for all of my history projects. I hope you found this helpful!

Scott F. (F Block)


is it important to always have computer access at home? (Shanna G 86)

re: Technology
The answer to that question mostly depends on what teacher and what classes you take. I'm in all honors, and I use my computer basically every day to complete some part of my homework. I use Edline to get homework I forgot to write down, assignments that my teachers posted, and to check my grades. For English, I type almost everything I write. One time or another, I have used a computer at home for every subject (not including electives). It's not necessary to have a computer at home you can always use, but you'll be at a disadvantage. An alternative is going to the library. There are many computers that you can use, but sometimes they are all being used. This can be a problem if you need to get something done on a computer, but you can't from home.

So... it's pretty important that you have a computer at home that you can use, but it is possible to get through your freshman year if you don't.

Here's a picture of the library. Sorry if it's a little small.-


-Jonas W. (F)